Jens Näsström

Mimer's Well

Specializing in lawyers

In Norse mythology, Mimir’s Well – aka Mímisbrunnr – is well renowned for its wisdom. Mímir, a giant, guarded the well and gained wisdom by drinking from it daily, until he was beheaded during a war between gods and giants. Odin, who sacrificed one of his eyes to partake of the well’s wisdom, preserved Mímir’s head to continue receiving his counsel.


Year after year, business law firms struggle with compounded problems in talent management:

  • Well-being (stress and burnout, work-life balance, etc.)
  • Leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Staff turnover
  • Ethics (the climate crisis etc.)

Currently, there is no best practice for these challenges in law firms.


Mimir’s Well is a radical, reflective process designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Conducted beyond the confines of law firms, this process affords unbridled intellectual freedom for exploration.


Each month, we invite individuals worldwide for a dialogue session, typically online. Our forum is a safe space for honest, critical, creative, innovative, unthinkable, wrong, and even bad ideas.

Mimir’s Well shares its findings and thoughts with individuals who are aligned with the process – and who contribute to it.

Mimir’s Well does not do public presentations, panel discussions, etc. Or any kind of consulting.


We are a small, closed but diverse group of individuals with a background in the law firm industry. Mimir’s Well is also a growing network of individuals who resonate with our mission.

Concrete goal

At some point, we expect to arrive at a synthesis, model, or vision. We then intend to share it openly and publically. The maturation of the reflective process determines the timing. The individuals in Mimir’s Well may do this collectively, or individually in the way they deem best. It is, of course, also quite possible that the individual members arrive at different conclusions.

We are not..

…contrarian to traditional law firms. We are merely seeking to explore alternatives to the traditional way of management of law firms.