Jens Näsström

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Occupational psychologist and independent researcher.

Specializing in lawyers

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Enhancing performance and well-being in law firms for the past 18 years.

I have worked extensively with the Swedish Bar Association (including at the Bar Exam), Thomson Reuters, Karnov Group, Norstedts Juridik, Law Society, the Danish Bar Association, the Norwegian Legal Workers’ Union, the Swedish Legal Workers’ Union, the Swedish National Courts’ Administration, and law firms of all sizes.

My personal passion is Tibetan Madhyamaka philosophy as a living, contemplative practice.

Current & previous Faculty positions

*Ranked #1 in the Nordics and 16th place globally for management and leadership development by the Financial Times.

Studies in Psychology & Philosophy

Want to learn how I help top-tiered law firms in the Nordics?

I support law firms by drawing upon my research, best practices, and training applicable for every stage of the talent management cycle – from recruiting to self-leadership to leadership.