Occupational Psychologist,
Independent Research specialised in lawyers

Jens Näsström

Jens’ motto is turning research into best practice for lawyers, and he focuses on producing groundbreaking research that will generate a practically applicable understanding of the factors that help lawyers to flourish both personally and professionally.

He has conducted two national studies in collaboration with the Swedish Bar Association, with a total of over 4.000 lawyers participating – in addition to a dozen other research projects in law firms. For the past decade, he has trained well over 2.000 legal professionals in effective, practical, cutting edge psychological skills that help lawyers become more successful – i.e. more efficient, less stressed, and with more satisfied clients and colleagues.

In addition to teaching CLE/CPD courses at the Swedish Bar Association for seven years, he has lectured at the Swedish Bar Exam, The Law Society in the U.K., Thomson Reuters, the Danish Bar Association, the Norwegian Legal Worker’s Association, the Swedish Company Lawyers’ Association, Exlibro, various professional networks in the legal community – and law firms of all sizes.

He is the author of a number of white papers and research papers in the field, and contributed to the American Bar Association’s book Lawyers as Changemakers, edited by the flagship author J. Kim Wright. He has studied psychology at the University of Stockholm, University of New Orleans, Loyola University at New Orleans, and Karolinska Institutet.

Jens Näsström

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