the science of well-being    in law firms

A new standard for law firms: the World Health Organization’s wellbeing index – WHO-5.

This is a well-tested, short, and free assessment that in my research on business lawyers shows strong – or very strong – correlations with:  leadership, staff turnover,  self-awareness in leaders, delegation quality, social support at work, quality of relationship between partners and associates, firm loyalty, engagement, work-life balance, effectiveness, leadership communication, and teamwork.  

After a study of twelve law firms in four countries in 2020, I can offer benchmark data for law firms that want to use this assessment as a simple – yet sophisticated and powerful – pulse meter of their staff. 

Law firms can either use my data and conduct the assessment themselves – open source style. Or I can assist in providing systemic assessment for law firms using WHO-5, twice a year, with full analysis, feedback, and actionable strategic advice. I also educate partners, associates, and support staff in the science of well-being in law firms – and how they can better take care of themselves.