Boosting lawyer performance & well-being in the new normal: a three-session master class

 1) Top performance: What does the research say? What is different now from before in the new working arrangements? Broadening the idea of success and how you can achieve it.

2) Work-life balance: For many business lawyers, this past year has been truly intense on many levels, and the opportunitites for rest and recovery may seem further away than ever. How can you best take care of yourself now? 

3) Efficacy skills: Getting into the specifics and providing clear models on how excellence can be sustainably maintained, this session offer concrete approaches to self-leadership in the new normal. 

Legal Leadership session: Review of research in the new normal for partners and managers in law firms

60-90 minutes including Q&A

Topics to be agreed upon, but these are common:

a. How partners can take care of themselves and support their associates.                                                                                                                                              b. Pros and Cons of office-based, remote, and flexible working arrangements (also called hybrid work) in law firms
c. Best practices for remote and hybrid leadership
d. Signs of associates floundering in remote mode
e. Possible long term effects of remote and hybrid work
f. Challenges for leadership in the new normal